☆ Maritza Molina is a Cuban-born multidisciplinary artist. She is also a curator, creative director, consultant, producer, NFT creative, and educator. She received a full merit scholarship to Rhode Island School of Design where she graduated in photography with a minor in drawing and painting. For most of her photographic career, Maritza has used a 4x5 large-format film camera. She was fortunate to have studied under her first professor whom was a pupil of notable photographer Ansel Adams, learning his renowned zone system, and thus began her enthusiasm for photography. Maritza also works with video, digital media, Ai, sound, performance art, drawing and sculpture.
Her photo practice usually begins with a drawing, conceptualizing an idea and proceeding like a film director: scouting locations, test shooting for light, designing, creating costumes and finally producing the work, habitually placing herself as protagonist. Extracting from her own life experiences like a visual diary, she typically focuses on personal and universal issues of identity and womanhood, our relationship with nature, and the wonder and meaning of life and the unknown.
Her work has been exhibited internationally in museums and galleries in an art career that expands twenty years, including at the Armory Show NY and The Bass Museum of Art; published in Miami Contemporary Artists book by Schiffer Publishing, Artforum and Afterimage magazines, and is part of private and public collections worldwide. She is recipient of an Individual Artist Fellowship in Visual Arts from State of FL and is a 2023-2024 Cintas Foundation Finalist for the Sondra Gilman Gonzalez-Falla Fellowship in Photography. She has taught art and photography at Miami Dade College in FL, Penland School of Crafts in NC, among others.
Passionate about technology, innovation, and web3, Maritza has been working with NFT’s as a creative, consultant, curator, and speaker panelist since 2021. In 2022, she curated the IRL photo exhibit “Obscura, The World Today”, bringing to life a 10K+ NFT photography collection featuring 138 international artists, the largest photography project on the blockchain today. Her current interests lie in exploring technologies and new tools such as Ai in collaboration with her photographic imagery, as well as dynamic code blockchain technology.
In addition to her art career, Maritza also works as a professional SAG-Aftra union actress. 
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI.  Full Merit Scholarship.                                                                           Major: Photography. Minor: drawing, painting, video, sculpture.

2023   Art Basel Web3, Speaker Panelist, Creating and Collaborating: Women's influence in the Web3 ecosystem, Gates Hotel, Miami Beach, FL
2023   Director of Superchief Gallery NFT Miami, FL
2023    NFT NYC Speaker and Lead Panelist, NFTNYC2023. "Exhibiting NFT Photography IRL: Breaking out of the Physical Print and Traditional Gallery Space". New York, NY
2022   Art Curator, Concept, Producer of Obscura "The World Today" NFT 10K+ Photography Collection IRL Exhibition. The largest NFT photo commission on the blockchain today. Showcasing 138 international artists. MAD Arts Gallery, Dania, FL
2022   NFT Live Panel Event Creator: OFF BASEL Miami 2022: "NFT Photography Collectors & the Artist". Co-organized with MONOLITH Gallery. Hosted by Maritza Molina and prominent crypto art collectors Chikai Ohazama (MONOLITH founder, Google Earth co-founder) and NorCal Guy (Podcast Host). Discussing: NFTs, photography, and collecting digital art in this crypto era. MAD Arts Gallery, Dania, FL
2022   Organizer of RISD Alumni Board Exclusive Tour Event, Obscura "The World Today" NFT 10K+ Photography Exhibit, Curated by Maritza Molina. MAD Arts Gallery, Dania, FL

2024   Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, 'Poli/Gráfica de Puerto Rico: América Latina y el Caribe', Puerto Rico
2023-24  Cintas Foundation Fellowship Finalists exhibition, Lowe Art Museum, Coral Gables, FL
2023   Superchief Gallery NFT Miami, Miami Locals Opening Exhibit, Miami, FL
2023   BLOOM + Makers Place Non-Fungible Conference Summit, NFC Pavilhao Carlos Lopes, Lisbon, Portugal
2023   Black Box NFT Art Fest, The Lower Draw Gallery, New York, NY
2022   MAD Arts, OFF Basel 'NFT Photography Collectors & the Artist', NFT Art Showcase, Dania, FL
2022   NFT NYC, Lavan541, 'moveMINT: The Experience', curated by CryptoMoves and Tyspectives, New York, NY
2018   Faction Art Projects, ‘All That You Have Is Your Soul,’ New York, NY 
2017   Art Center South Florida, ‘Vizcaya on the Beach,’ Miami Beach, FL 
2016   Frank Museum of Art, ‘An Island Apart: Cuban Artists in Exile,’ Otterbein, OH 
2016   Fischer Gallery ‘An Island Apart: Cuban Artists in Exile,’ Otterbein, OH 
2016   Miller Gallery, ‘An Island Apart: Cuban Artists in Exile,’ Otterbein, OH 
2015   Art Basel Miami ‘Contemporary Art Project', Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Miami, FL 
2015   Tigertail Productions Auction, ‘A Run For Your Money,’ Miami, FL
2015   Aluna Art Foundation, Foto Lima Feria, ‘Ritos De Paisaje,’ Lima, Peru 
2015   Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, ‘City of the Future,’ Miami, FL 
2015   Dimensions Variable Gallery, ‘Dimensions Variable Turns 5,’ Miami, FL 
2014   Frost Art Museum, ‘Aesthetics & Values,’ Miami, FL  
2013   Miami Performance International Festival, Edgezones Gallery, Miami, FL 
2012   Exit Art Gallery, ‘Every Exit is an Entrance: 30 Years of Exit Art,’ New York, NY  
2011   Ideobox Artspace, Fundacion Manos del Sur, ‘Base Paint,’ Miami, FL    
2011   Penland Gallery, ‘Invited Faculty Exhibit,’ Penland School of Crafts, NC  
2011   Praxis International Art Gallery, ‘Time / Behind the Vision,’ Miami, FL 
2010   Galeria Nacional, Centro Costarricense de Ciencia y Cultura,, ‘Valoarte,’ San Jose, Costa Rica 
2010   Florida State Visual Arts Fellowship, Touring Exhibit 
2010   Mattie Kelly Performing Arts Center, NW Florida State College, 'Fellowship exhibit,' Niceville, FL 
2010   Gallery for Innovation and the Arts, 'Fellowship exhibit,' Tallahassee, FL 
2010   Bob Rauschenberg Gallery, 'Fellowship exhibit,' Ft. Myers, FL 
2010   InKuB8 Space, ‘Visual Dance,’ Art Basel Wynwood,  Miami, FL 
2010   Verge Art Fair, Artformz Gallery, ‘Small Wonders Art Salon,’ Miami Beach, FL 
2010   Freedom Tower, ‘Not Welcome,’ Miami, Florida 
2009   Praxis International Art Gallery, ‘Lip/Stick,’ New York, NY 
2009   Galeria Nacional, Centro Costarricense de Ciencia y Cultura, ‘Valoarte,’ San Jose, Costa Rica 
2008   Frost Art Museum, ‘Aesthetics & Values,’ Miami, FL  
2008   Galeria Nacional, Centro Costarricense de Ciencia y Cultura, ‘Valoarte,’ San Jose, Costa Rica 
2008   Pyramid Studios, ‘Video Shorts,’ Miami, FL 
2007   Exit Art Gallery, ‘Killing Time,’ Artforum, New York, NY  
2007   Smack Mellon, ‘Infinitu et Contini: Repeated Histories, Reinvented Resistances,’ New York, NY 
2007   Pinta BAphoto, Art Fair, Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
2007   Circa Puerto Rico Art Fair, Cr3ma Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico 
2007   Lyle O. Reitzel Gallery, ‘Calentando La Pista,’ Miami, FL 
2007   Miami Dade College, Kendall Gallery, 'Witches, Bitches, and Saints,' Miami, FL 
2007   Tigertail Productions, Art Auction, ‘Wig Out,’ Miami, FL 
2006   The Armory Show, Exit Art Gallery, New York, NY 
2006   Frost Art Museum, CINTAS Foundation, Fellowship Finalists Exhibit, Miami, FL 
2006   Zones Contemporary Art Fair, Art Basel Design District, Miami, FL 
2006   Locust Projects, Art Auction, Miami, FL 
2005-06 Solo Exhibition: Maritza Molina ‘Carrying Tradition,’ Leonard Tachmes Gallery, Miami, FL 
2005   SCOPE Art Show New York, Leonard Tachmes Gallery, New York, NY 
2005   NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale, ‘Nepotism: The Art of Friendship,’ Ft. Laud., FL 
2005   Catalog “Latin-Art Digital Diáspora” LADD de la Fundación TELEMA. FICA. Festival Internacional de creación Audiovisual. Villanueva de la Serena. Madrid, España
2004   Solo Exhibition: Maritza Molina ‘Facing The Woman,’ Leonard Tachmes Gallery, Miami, FL 
2004   Polk Museum of Art, ‘Performance Art in Contemporary America,’ Lakeland, FL 
2004   SCOPE Art Show Miami Beach, Leonard Tachmes Gallery, Miami Beach, FL 
2004   YALE Art Gallery, ‘Intersections: An Exhibition of Cuban Artists’ YALE Univ., New Haven, CT 
2004   Chicago Latin Film Festival, ‘Latin-Art Digital Diaspora,’ TLM1 Foundation, Chicago, IL 
2004   J. Johnson Gallery, ‘Miami: Visions of Now,’ Jacksonville, FL 
2004   Locust Projects, Art Auction, Miami, FL  
2003   Exit Art Gallery, ‘L-Factor,’ Commissioned piece, New York, NY 
2003   Frost Science Museum (Miami Science Museum), ‘Space: Thinking Outside the Sphere,’ Miami, FL 
2003   Bass Museum of Art, Commissioned Performance work, American Association of Museum Directors, Miami Beach, FL 
2003   Art Basel Design District, Daniel Azoulay Gallery, ‘Tunnel Vision,’ Miami, FL 
2003   Art Basel Miami Design District, ‘Manifest Destiny, Women Artists,’ Miami, FL 
2003   Leonard Tachmes Gallery, ‘Vol. 3 No.2,’ Miami, FL 
2003   Studio Soto Gallery, ‘Latin Art Digital Diaspora’, TLM1 Foundation, Boston, MA 
2003   Miami Dade Cultural Resource Center, ‘The Summer Show,’ Miami, FL 
2002   Bass Museum of Art, Sagamore Art Hotel, Commissioned Performance work, ‘Bass After Dark,’ Miami Beach, FL 
2002   Sagamore Art Hotel, FLA BRA Festival, Miami Beach, FL 
2002   Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus, ‘String Resonance,’ Exhibit Curated by Maritza Molina, Red Eye Gallery, Miami, FL 
2002   Fredric Snitzer Gallery, ‘No Show,’ Coral Gables, FL 
2002   El Solar Arts House, Alternative Space, ‘No Performance Show,’ Miami, FL 
2002   Art Basel Miami Design District, Mermaid Design Alternative Space, ‘Figure as Form,’ Miami, FL 
2002   Eugenia Vargas Space, ‘No Home Show,’ Miami, FL 
2001   Bass Museum of Art, ‘Globe>Miami<Island,’ Miami Beach, FL                            
2001   Exit Art Gallery, ‘Spunky,’ New York, NY 
2001   The House Gallery, ‘The Sears Building,’ Miami, FL
2000   The Lincoln Theater, performance with Terry Adkins, Miami Beach, FL 
1998   Solo Exhibition: Maritza Molina ‘Echoes From The Subconscious,’ Red Eye Gallery, Providence, RI 
1998   Woods Gerry Gallery, RISD Photography Biennial, Providence, RI                

2008   Individual Artist Fellowship, Visual Arts, FL State Division of Cultural Affairs, FL
2007   Artist Enhancement Grant, FL State Division of Cultural Affairs, FL
2007   Artist Access Grant, Miami Dade Cultural Affairs, Tigertail Productions, Miami, FL
2006   CINTAS Foundation, Fellowship Finalist in Visual Arts, International
2001   Artist Access Grant, Miami-Dade Cultural Affairs, Tigertail Productions, Miami, FL
2000   South Florida Cultural Consortium, Fellowship Finalist, Miami, FL
1998   World Studio Foundation Scholarship, New York, NY 
1998   National Dean’s List, Multiple Year Award for Outstanding Achievement, US
1998   Rhode Island School of Design, Full-Tuition Merit Scholarship, Providence, RI 

2007   SIM, Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, Artist in Residence, Reykjavik, Iceland, July-September

2022   Art Curator, Creator, Co-Producer: Obscura "The World Today" NFT 10K+ Photography Collection IRL Exhibition. Showcasing 138 international artists. MAD Arts Gallery, Dania, FL
2003   Exit Art Gallery, Commission Artwork, New York, NY
2003   Bass Museum of Art, Commission Performance, Miami, FL
2002   Sagamore Art Hotel, Commission Performance, Miami Beach, FL     
2002   Art Curator: ‘String Resonance’, featuring 31 artists from Miami and New York, with works in photography, mixed-media, sculpture, video, installation, drawing, painting. In conjunction with international music festival “Sun Waves Guitar Fest” by Guitar Foundation of America and Miami Classical Guitar Society..Miami Dade College, Wolfson Campus, Miami, FL

2002-Pr  Adjunct Art Professor, Foundation Drawing, Miami Dade College, Miami, FL
2017-18  Director of Creative Photography, Miami Arts Charter Wynwood, Miami, FL
2015   Invited Artist Lecture, Florida International University, Urban Studios, Miami Beach           
2011   Invited Photography Professor, Penland School of Crafts, Penland, NC 
2009   Fellowship Panelist, FL Individual Artist Fellowship, Interdisciplinary, FL
2008-11 Invited Art Workshops: Miami Science Museum, Miami Children’s Museum, Miami Bridge, FL 
2005-06  Invited Artist Lecture, University of Miami, UM Art History Dept, Coral Gables, FL
Bass Museum of Art, Public Collection, Miami Beach, FL 
Sondra Gilman and Celso Gonzalez-Falla, Photography Collection, New York, NY 
Marty and Cricket Taplin at the Sagamore Art Hotel, South Beach, FL 
Kathryn and Dan Mikesell Collection, Miami, FL 
David Saltz Collection, New York, NY 
Chilo Andreu Collection, Puerto Rico 
Julio Gallo, MPAC, Miami, FL 
Carmen Chinea Collection, New York, NY 
Catalina Casas Collection, New York, NY 
Jerry Herskowitz Collection, Miami, FL 
Liza and Arturo Mosquera Collection, Miami, FL 
Lang Baumgarten Collection, Miami, FL 
2019   Byron, Jennifer. May 2019. “A Cyber(space) of Their Own: Female Iberian and Latin American Artists and Writers of the Digital. A Transatlantic Analysis from Identity (De)Construction, Political Dissidence and Activism, to the Posthuman.” PH.D Dissertation, Arizona State University. MARITZA MOLINA, p.79-90   
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