Covered By Tradition (multimedia)
A singular 1/1 multimedia photo/video/audio NFT which expands on the concept of the original work, a still photograph shot with 4x5 Fuji sheet film on a large format camera.
This self-portrait juxtaposes symbolic imagery that represent traditional societal doctrines to that of my inherent self. I explore the duality of experiencing life within two cultures and grapple with the concept of not truly identifying with either one, having an awareness of existing in the universe as a daughter of the earth with a unique identity. The white talcum powder is a symbol I use for purity.
The original photograph was my first art commission by Exit Art gallery in New York for the exhibit L-Factor. I chose to pay homage to Cuban artist Ana Mendieta in my work, with whom I share this spiritual connection of displacement and honored her by using the arm gesture from her earth art.
Film Photography, Video and Sound Design by Maritza Molina.
2160 x 2720, 4K Video
38 sec, 30 FPS
"Covered By Tradition" original photograph
C-Print, 50 x 40 in., limited ed of 5
4x5 large format, full-frame negative

Sound Design Composition for "Covered By Tradition" multimedia work by Maritza Molina

'Covered By Tradition' (upper right), featured in exclusive article for Ocean Drive Magazine, Art Basel Miami edition

Exit Art gallery, New York, 30th Anniversary

"Covered By Tradition" selected work

50x40 In, C-Print mounted on archival plexi mount

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